SAGE Journal Articles

You can access here SAGE articles that provide exemplars for different kinds of geographical writing. The paper by Bramley and Power (2009) presents the type of writing typical for papers that employ quantitative methods and display graphic and mapped data. You will notice it is largely written in the third person (i.e. ‘this paper argues that’). Also take note of how clearly the figures and tables are presented. The article by DeSilvey (2006) presents a kind of writing that can be employed by those using qualitative methods. DeSilvey writes in the first person (i.e. I argue that’) and weaves together ethnographic data and photos to present her findings. You can find other examples of how geographers write by browsing other SAGE journals. It should be noted that these are just two examples, however, and geographers write in a variety of interesting ways – which can often defy convention! DeLyser and Hawkins (2015) explain this in their article which you can also access here.