Chapter 10: Event Tourism

Question 1: Why do tourists visit a European Capital of Culture?

Answer Guide: Visiting a European Capital of Culture may appeal because of the variety of events being held at any one time, This can create a sense of excitement and an opportunity to engage with other like-minded tourists also visiting the city for its cultural attractions. It encourages visitors to make the effort to visit the city during this event.

The variety of projects and events that take place during the year in which a city is designated a capital of culture can widen the appeal of the destination to new and sometimes specialist audiences. Marketing of the city as a Capital of Culture can increase its profile, and thus tourists visit as they gain greater awareness of its attractions.

Question 2: What is changing in society that is making gastronomy events popular today?

Answer Guide: People are, for the most part, becoming increasingly aware of their health and the role that eating well can play in maintaining good health. Consequently interest in food, including an appreciation of local delicacies, is raising interest in gastronomy tourism. Tours of food producing areas (wine tours, organic farm tours, etc.) are growing in popularity as individuals seek greater understanding of the food chain.

People are also prepared to experiment more, trying new foods to understand different cuisines.

Question 3: Why might a destination manager decide to bid to host a future edition of the Golden Oldies Rugby Festival?

Answer Guide: Attracting an event that will bring in a large number of older tourists may be seen a beneficial because these visitors often have a high level of disposable income. The link to sport means that attendees are likely to be relatively fit and healthy. Often infrastructure will already be in place so the capital cost of hosting the event will be minimal.