Chapter 14: Tourist Transport by Water

Question 1: In this chapter, we highlighted that the millennial generation has a greater fondness for river cruises ahead of sea cruises. Why might the younger generation prefer river cruises?

Answer Guide: Millennials seek out authentic experiences. Consequently river cruises that often dock in the heart of cities, that offer shore excursions that engage with smaller scale local businesses and that maximise the time in port, seem to be at the heart of the appeal for this younger sector of the market.

Question 2: There are many hundreds of cruises available to the market today, to an extent that deciding one ahead of others may require a complex decision-making process for the tourist. What factors may influence the decision?

Answer Guide: Factors influencing the decision may include:

  • Price
  • Route (destinations visited) and duration
  • Facilities on-board
  • Loyalty (repeat customer discounts are offered by some cruise lines)
  • Reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Local/convenient departure points

Question 3: What are the negative environmental and socio-cultural impacts of water-based tourism?

Answer Guide: Negative impacts may include:

  • Congestion and disruption to local populations when in port.
  • Fuel pollution
  • Noise pollution disrupting marine wildlife
  • Dumping waste into the ocean