Extended Reading

The following list of journal articles and books provide extended reading on topics covered in chapter 10 in the second edition. Please note that journal articles are free to access, whereas book extracts (denoted by methods.sagepub.com URLs) require your university to have a subscription to SAGE Research Methods.

Charmaz, K., & Mitchell, R. G. (2001). Grounded theory in ethnography. In P. Atkinson, A. Coffey, S. Delamont, J. Lofland, & L. Lofland (Eds.), Handbook of ethnography London: Sage.
This chapter explains the useful role grounded theory can play in making sense of ethnographic data. It acknowledges the challenge facing the researcher who may collect ‘mountains of unconnected data’. Grounded theory by emphasizing the comparative method, can help find connections which are embedded in the data itself. The importance of data collection and its close connection with analysis are explained using grounded theory to guide data collection and analysis.