Extended Reading

The following list of journal articles and books provide extended reading on topics covered in chapter 21 in the second edition. Please note that journal articles are free to access, whereas book extracts (denoted by methods.sagepub.com URLs) require your university to have a subscription to SAGE Research Methods.

Freeman, M., deMarrais, K., Preissle, J., Roulston, K., & St. Pierre, E. A. (2007). Standards of evidence in qualitative research: An incitement to discourse. Educational Researcher, 36(1), 25-32.
In an era where qualitative researchers are pushed to achieve scientific standards for scholarly inquiry, the authors argue against codifying monolithic criteria for evidence. Instead, they point to the inhibiting force of convention on innovation and advocate that researchers demonstrate excellence through intentional and overt framing and reporting of qualitative inquiry—no small matter of concern to the novice researcher.

Denzin, N. K. (2001). The reflexive interview and a performative social science. Qualitative Research, 1(1), 23-46.
Denzin celebrates alternate means of reporting the “products” of interview research not as commodities but as performative texts that refute abstractions and high theory, yet reveal complex narratives of experience. Selected representations demonstrate the effectiveness of dialogical and reflexive interviewing and reporting in bringing research to life.