Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti

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Mac instructions allow Mac users to get to grips with ATLAS.ti and learn the necessary skills for successful data analysis.

Video tutorials for each chapter offer easy to follow guidance to help you master the software at your own pace.

ATLAS.ti support links for select chapters provide helpful advice straight from the experts about doing research with the software.

Student workbooks provide carefully curated further reading resources, review questions and more to allow you to reflect on your learning.

Sample projects for select chapters give you hands-on experience and allow you to practice the full range of software techniques.

Glossary flashcards help you strengthen your understanding of key terms and concepts.

Additional sample projects contain the sample projects discussed within the book to help you strengthen your skills.

Additional ATLAS.ti support provides further links from the experts to support you in your research.

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PowerPoints slides featuring figures, tables and key topics from the book can be downloaded and customized for use in your own presentations.

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