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Querying the Data Across Documents in ATLAS.ti 8 Windows

The Query Tool. This qualitative analysis tool allows you to examine your coded data by entering different combinations of your codes and/or code groups (i.e., the query), and ATLAS.ti hence shows which quotations fit your query. In addition to this, you can adjust the scope of your query, so that ATLAS.ti only focuses on a given set of your documents and/or document groups

Applying Global Filters For Data Analysis

Global filters are a powerful tool to analyse your data. As compared to local filters that you can invoke in each manager, global filters have an effect on the entire project. If you set a document group as global filter, also the results of the code-document table or the code-cooccurence table will also be affected. For example, if you cross-tabulate a code category ACTION with another code category OUTCOME, you can see which actions are related to which outcomes for all of your respondents. If you set the document group: ‘gender: female’ as global filter, the results of the table will change only showing which actions are related to which outcome for all female respondents.