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How to perform automatic focus group coding using ATLAS.ti

ATLAS.ti can automatically detect and code each passage of speech in your focus group transcription, so you can quickly and easily recollect all the responses of each participant and make comparisons. ATLAS.ti can also automatically associate multiple codes at a time, so you can take advantage to prepare your focus group data in whichever way you want to.

Using ATLAS.ti 8 Windows in Literature Reviews

The ATLAS.ti 8 Windows contains features for assisting researchers in doing academic literature reviews. Either you are reviewing literature in a topic that you are already familiar with, or a new cold topic that you just began researching on, rest assured that the various features of ATLAS.ti would be able to assist you in preparing the literature review. This article gives an overview of the 15 essential tips divided into three main steps for doing literature review using ATLAS.ti 8 Windows. The three main steps, as highlighted below, are (1) preparing your literature for review, (2) going through the literature, and (3) creating reports for the literature review