Sample projects

Use these sample projects to gain hands-on experience of working with data in ATLAS.ti  and practice the full rang of software techniques like coding, linking and building networks.

Friendship (thematic analysis, ICA)

The data for this project is taken from the TQRMUL dataset teaching resources. It consists of four interviews with undergraduate students on the subject of friendship.

Tanya Corker and Alasdair Gordon-Finlayson conducted the interviews in spring 2008 at Liverpool John Moores University, specifically for the purpose of making them available online as teaching resource. You will find the full user guide on the companion website (Forrester, 2010).

If you are interested in including the audio or video data from the interviews, they are available via the TQRMUL teaching resources at:

This sample project includes:

  • Interview transcripts
  • Two ICA coded versions
  • A version with the ICA codings merged
  • Thematic analysis of the data

You can use this project to practice inter-coder agreement analysis.