Additional ATLAS.ti support

View additional links from the experts with advice about doing research with the software.

ATLAS.ti Manuals

Here you find the ATLAS.ti manuals and various “How-to” documents that provide technical instructions

The ATLAS.ti Research Blog

On this page you find short reports on several different topics related to ATLAS.ti. These could be summaries of studies that people have done with ATLAS.ti, reports on how to use a specific methodology, reports on how to use a specific function, or reports on how to work with a specific data source

Video Tutorials

On the ATLAS.ti YouTube channel you find video tutorials in English and Spanish

ATLAS.ti Support Center

This page contains an overview of the various ways in which ATLAS.ti can be contacted in case you run into technical issues with the software.

ATLAS.ti in the Classroom

Here you will find resources useful for teaching ATLAS.ti. You find: bibliographies, course outlines, teaching resources and video libraries