Journal Articles

See the following 2015 research article with regards to the roles of DCMs identified in the chapter:
Reference: Ericsson U and Augustinsson S (2015) ‘The role of first line managers in healthcare organisations – a qualitative study on the work life experience of ward managers’. Journal of Research in Nursing, 20(4): 280–295.

In the context of current and evolving demographic and epidemiological circumstances in and around 2020 noted in Chapter 1, an endeavour to estimate the healthcare costs attributable to heart disease and the attributable healthcare costs of lifestyle risk factors among heart patients, in order to inform decision making about prevention programmes, see:
Reference: Kruse M,  Davidsen M, Madsen M, Gyrd-Hansen D and Sørensen J (2008) ‘Costs of heart disease and risk behaviour: Implications for expenditure on prevention’. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 36(8): 850–856.

Also related to demographic and epidemiological circumstances, the World Health Organization estimates that 347,000,000 people worldwide have diabetes and require two to three times the healthcare resources compared with patients who are not diabetic. In the UK, it has been estimated that 1 in 20 people have diabetes. Diabetes accounts for approximately 10% of the NHS budget. See the following journal article for researchers’, practitioners’ and patients’ efforts together to improve both prevention and management of this chronic condition:
Reference: Steven K (2014) ‘Diabetes education’. InnovAiT: Education and Inspiration for General Practice, 7(3): 168–173.

With regards to implementation of healthcare policies, see:
Reference: Jansen E, Baur V, de Wit M, Wilbrink N and Abma T, (2015) Co-designing collaboration: Using a partnership framework for shared policymaking in geriatric networks’. Action Research 13(1): 65–83.