Journal Articles

For an exploration of the importance of factors influencing the end-of-life care decision-making by healthcare professionals (HCPs) in Singapore, see:
Reference: Foo W T, Zheng Y, Kwee A K, Yang G M and Krishna L (2013) ‘Factors considered in end-of-life care decision making by health care professionals’. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, 30(4): 354–358.

Across a range of health care systems there is a responsibility placed on meso-level budget holders to set priorities and allocate resources within constrained budgets, but these activities are thought to be typically based on historical and/or political processes for decision-making:
Reference: Smith N, Mitton C A, Davidson A and Williams L (2014) ‘Politics of priority setting: Ideas, interests and institutions in healthcare resource allocation’. Public Policy and Administration, 29(4): 331–347.

For systematic problem-solving in relation to a medical condition, see:
Reference: Wu F, Juang J, Lin C (2016) Development and validation of the hypoglycaemia problem-solving scale for people with diabetes mellitus. Journal of International Medical Research, 44(3): 592-604.