Journal Articles

For an evaluation of transformational change through implementation of a region-wide programme to improve healthcare quality and safety, and to reduce waste, using a combination of vision, compact, and lean-based method, and the role of leadership in enabling transformational change, see:
Reference: Erskine J, Hunter D J, Small A, Hicks C, McGovern T, Lugsden E, Whitty P, Steen N and Eccles M P (2013) ‘Leadership and transformational change in healthcare organisations: A qualitative analysis of the North East Transformation System’. Health Services Management Research, 26(1): 29–37.

To identify the views of senior UK healthcare leaders in relation to their perception of the term `clinical leadership' and the cultural backdrop in which it is being espoused:
Reference: Nicol E D, Mohanna K and Cowpe J (2014) ‘Perspectives on clinical leadership: A qualitative study exploring the views of senior healthcare leaders in the UK’. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 107 (7): 277–286.

For a description of the involvement of doctors in leadership roles in the NHS and the organisational structures and management processes in use in NHS trusts, see:
Reference: Dickinson H, Ham C, Snelling I and Spurgeon P (2013) ‘Medical leadership arrangements in English healthcare organisations: Findings from a national survey and case studies of NHS trusts’. Health Services Management Research, 26(4): 119–125.