Journal Articles

An integrative review that examined published research demonstrating positive health outcomes as a result of Community Health Workers interventions and collaboration between CHWs and inter-professional healthcare teams:
Reference: Franklin C M, Bernhardt J M, Lopez R P, Long-Middleton E R and Davis S (2015) ‘Interprofessional teamwork and collaboration between community health workers and healthcare teams: An integrative review’. Health Services Research and Managerial Epidemiology,; vol. 2, 2333392815573312.

For a study that examined the relationship between teamwork and organisational culture in nursing homes, see:
Reference: Tyler D A and Parker V A (2015) Nursing home culture, teamwork, and culture change. Journal of Research in Nursing, 16(1): 37–49.

In the context of ‘motivation’ discussed in chapter 10, and for an article that examines the influence of extrinsic job rewards (e.g. wages and benefits) versus intrinsic job rewards (e.g. meaningful tasks) on job satisfaction, see:
Reference: Morgan J C, Dill J, Kalleberg A L (2013) The quality of healthcare jobs: can intrinsic rewards compensate for low extrinsic rewards? Work, Employment & Society, 27(5): 802-822.

For a review of a set of concepts that have been used in characterizing teams in healthcare and in improving teamwork, including the sociotechnical environment in which teams reside, team leadership, and structured communication (e.g., SBAR), see:
Reference: Xiao Y, Parker S H, Manser T (2013) Teamwork and collaboration. Reviews of Human Factors and Ergonomics, 8 (1): 55-102.