Journal Articles

For an exploration of the conduct of individual development and performance reviews (IDPR) (appraisal) and the link between appraisal processes and access to continuing education and training, see:
Reference: Berridge E, Kelly D, Gould D (2007) Staff appraisal and continuing professional development: Exploring the relationships in acute and community health settings. Journal of Research in Nursing, 12(1): 57–70.

The personal and public interfaces of occupational therapists’ CPD to develop their expertise through training, reflection and mentorship, constrained of late, with efficiency savings, see:
Reference: Westcott L, Whitcombe S (2012) Continuing professional development: The personal and public interface. The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 75(12): 531.

For a report on reflective journal writing own continuing professional development (CPD), together with their suggestions for refinement of reflective writing, see:
Reference: Cowan J, Westwood J (2006) Collaborative and reflective professional development: A pilot. Active Learning in Higher Education, 7(1): 63–71.