Journal Articles

For a new approach to management structures and processes designed with new senior leadership skills focusing on collaboration and influence, functional rather than hierarchical teams, and clarity in team mandates and team empowerment to facilitate achievement of expectations, see:
Reference: Miners C, Hundert M and Lash R (2015) ‘New structures for challenges in healthcare management’. Healthcare Management Forum, 28 (3): 114–117.

In the context of care pathways discussed in Chapter 2, with regards to care planning that could also reduce care costs or improve cost-effectiveness, see:
Reference: Dixon J, Matosevic T and Knapp M (2015) ‘The economic evidence for advance care planning: Systematic review of evidence’.  Palliative Medicine, 29(10): 869–884

For further exploration of the concept evidence-based management, see:
Reference: Tourish D (2012) ‘“Evidence Based Management”, or “Evidence Oriented Organizing”? A critical realist perspective’. Organization, 20(2): 173–192.