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Deviance and Social Control

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This YouTube video discusses how we define and control deviance

  1. Why is prison considered an ineffective form of social control?

Positive Deviants

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Monique Sternin gives this talk at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. The topic of the discussion is Positive deviance (PD) which is an approach to behavioral and social change.

  1. Do you find positive deviance a viable answer to solving social problems?
  2. Can you identify a problem on campus that could be addressed using positive deviance?
  3. Identify 3 major limitations to the use of positive deviance.

Trump and the Power Of Innuendo

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Sarah McCammon discusses how Donald Trump has pushed the boundaries of acceptable political speech.

  1. Donald Trump stated that “only a deviant” would interpret his statements about Meghan Kelly as reported. What gives certain people the authority and/or power to define deviance?

College Course Lumps Homosexuality, Rape, Murder

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  1. Should homosexuality continue to be labeled as deviant behavior?

The Sociological Imagination

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The Sociological Imagination is an online space for public sociology.

  1. What are some of the obstacles to developing the sociological imagination?

The Impact of the Internet on Deviant Behavior

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The Institute of Homeland Security Solutions is managed by Duke University. This web article discusses how the internet has enabled individuals with common beliefs to find each other and reinforce their deviant conduct. 

  1. Name the two unique opportunities that the internet provides for deviant behavior.
  2. What are the three areas of deviant behavior that have been the focus of research?
  3. What makes the internet well suited to support deviant behaviors and lifestyles?