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Alice Goffman: How we are priming some kids for college-and others for prison

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Alice Goffman discusses how our social structure primes some youth for college and others for prison.

  1. Alice Goffman describes how she saw kids play in poor neighborhoods. How does social learning theory apply to what she witnessed?

Social Learning and Violence in the Media

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This Prezi created by Nikki Karaniuk presents an overview of social learning theory, the contradictory research, and the conclusions based on the research.

  1. Identify the 4 steps of social learning
  2. What are some of the factors that make someone vulnerable to media violence?

Middle-Class Immigrant Family Says Greed Is Eclipsing the American Dream

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NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with business owners Manolo Betancur and Zhenia Martinez. They own Las Delicias Bakery in Charlotte, N.C.

  1. In this interview, how is the American Dream defined?
  2. Explain how greed is eclipsing the American Dream.

Philip Zimbardo: The demise of guys?

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Psychologist Philip Zimbardo discusses why men prefer the company of men and the impact this is having on their lives and interactions with women.

  1. Explain from the differential association and social learning perspectives how Philip Zimbardo’s thesis on how boys interest are impacting their relationships with women?

How cultures around the world make decisions

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Ideas.Ted.Com is a web site that covers the world of ideas from the same people that bring you Ted Talks. On this page, Amy S. Choi presents ideas regarding various cultures and their values and beliefs. Ms. Choi notes that in America we value autonomy and choice, the Amish value belonging, and Asian cultures value interdependence and harmony.

  1. Do you support the idea that American’s support choice?
  2. Give examples on how Americans support nonconformity (cultural deviance).
  3. Give examples on how Americans support conformity.

Teach with Movies

Web Link: is the premiere site on the Internet showing teachers how to create lesson plans using movies and film. The assignment section is especially helpful for teachers wishing to use the movies in the classroom

To Kill a Mockingbird:

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  1. This movie was made in 1962, during the civil rights era. The word “nigger” is freely used, however on this website it is noted that it might be a problem. What problems might arise as a result of showing this movie in the classroom?
  2. Using social learning theory and differential association, explain the use of derogatory sexist and racist language and how these terms contribute to our notions of deviance. Give examples.