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KING: White men killed more American police than any other group this year, but conservatives won't address the facts

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Shaun King, reporter for the New York Daily News reports on the statistics regarding cop killers. In this article he notes that 71% of the officers shot have been shot by white men. He notes that they were not “murdered by black men with cornrows or hoodies”

  1. What are the labels associated with black men with cornrows or hoodies?
  2. Does the statistic regarding who is murdering police officers surprising? Explain.

Chasing Heroin

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With the rise of heroin deaths in the white community, this two hour documentary illuminates the changes in policies and rhetoric with regard to the heroin epidemic.

  1. Compare and contrast the response to heroin addiction in the suburbs compared to the response in the inner-city, minority communities.
  2. Discuss the application of labeling theory to the people who are heroin addicts.

How States are moving to police bad cops 

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Sarah Childress Senior Digital Reporter, FRONTLINE Enterprise Journalism Group reports on how states are moving to revoke the licenses of corrupt police officers so that they cannot work in criminal justice again.

  1. How do minority communities label police officers?
  2. What does “blackball” mean and why is their reluctance to create a “blackball list”?
  3. Why do you think that as a system we have supported a troubled officer moving to another city to find employment?
  4. Why do smaller police departments hire troubled officers who have been dismissed from larger departments?

Sexually transmitted diseases in older adults

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The Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging is a national leader pursuing innovation in practice and policy to address the important issues of aging. As a champion for older adults, Benjamin Rose works to advance their health, independence and dignity. In this article they discuss the rise of STD’s in the elderly.

  1. Considering how society labels the elderly, explain how the facts of this article are surprising?

Juvenile Incarceration Rates Are Down; Racial Disparities Rise 

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NPR justice correspondent Carrie Johnson discusses the rise in young women being detained with Marc Schindler runs the Justice Policy Institute in Washington, Liz Ryan works to reduce youth incarceration rates at Youth First Initiative and Elizabeth Cauffman of the University of California at Irvine

  1. How does Dr. Cauffman describe the “criminalization of adolescence”?
  2. What role does romance play with adolescents and criminality?
  3. How can you apply labeling theory to the information in this article?

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The top 10 right wing freak outs over trans rights

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LGBTQ Nation is an online news magazine, reporting on issues relevant to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community. In this article, Brynn Tannehill discusses why conservatives are upset about the laws regarding transgender use of bathrooms.

  1. Discuss the ways that transgender people are characterized in this article.
  2. Do you think that any of the labels placed on transgender people are justified? Explain.
  3. How has the transgender bathroom issues caused problems for straight women? Discuss in terms of labeling theory.

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