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FBI: Blacks more often targeted in hate crimes

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Hari Sreenivasan, PBS Newshour weekend anchor interviews Christopher Ingraham of “The Washington Post”. The focus of the interview is FBI versus Bureau of Justice statistics and that although violent crime overall is declining, hate crimes are on the rise.

  1. According to Christopher Ingraham of “The Washington Post” which resource is better to use: the FBI statistics or the Bureau of Justice statistics?

Insight into the teen-age brain

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Dr. Adriana Galván is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Brain Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she is the Director and Principal Investigator of the Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory. In this TEDx Dr. Galván studies the teenage brain and discusses how the teenage brain makes decisions.

  1. What is the research design used by Dr. Galván?
  2. How can this research be applied to the reduction of deviance by teenagers?

Why are indictments rare when people of color die in police custody?

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A grand jury in Texas has decided to not indict anyone yet in connection with the death of Sandra Bland while in police custody, effectively clearing officials and jail employees of criminal wrongdoing. Jeffrey Brown, a reporter for the PBS News Hour, discusses the case with Molly Hennessy-Fiske of the Los Angeles Times, then Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute and Brittany Packnett of Campaign Zero

  1. Ms. MacDonald and Ms. Packnett both use research to bolster their arguments. Discuss which of these women make the strongest case based upon the research that they cite.

Study shows people still love inappropriately referencing Nazis online

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Naomi Lachance of NPR interviews Mike Goodwin from R Street Institute and discusses the research findings that the longer a person engages in online rhetoric, the more likely there is to be a reference to Hitler or the Nazis.

  1. Explain the relevance of this information when discussing online deviance.

Rising incarceration rate isn’t reducing crime, report says

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NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Council of Economic Advisors Chief Jason Furman on why longer times in jail do not result in a reduction of crime.

  1. What are the statistics Chief Furman uses to support his premise?
  2. What does Chief Furman attribute to the increase in recidivism after a lengthy prison stay?
  3. Chief Furman states that there is a high correlation between higher wages and less crime. What does he use to support the logic of this correlation?

The Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)

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The Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) is the official report of crime in the United States collected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The UCR is usually the first step for researchers seeking information on crime in the nation.

  1. Is UCR participation mandatory?
  2. Search the website and find what departments the following initials represent:
  1. NCIC
  2. NICS
  3. CJIS
  4. FOIA