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Article 1

Citation: Sherrick, B. (2016). The effects of media effects: Third-person effects, the Influence of presumed media influence, and evaluation of media companies. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 93(4), 906–922.

Description: This article explores how media effects, once internalized by consumers, affects their overall approval of images and stories provided by various media outlets.

Learning Objective: 1-2: A discussion of the “media effects” debate; its origins, its epistemological value, and its influence on contemporary debates about media, crime, and violence.


Article 2

Citation: Cavender, G. (2004). Media and crime policy: A reconsideration of David Garland’s. The Culture of Control. Punishment and Society, 6(3), 335–348.

Description: This article reassesses David Garland’s assessment of the role the media plays on shaping the public’s perceptions of crime and justice policy.

Learning Objective: 1-1: An overview of the theoretical contours that have shaped the academic fields of criminology and media studies during the modern period.