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Article 1

Citation: Sacco, V. F. (1995). Media constructions of crime. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 539(1), 141–154.

Description: This article, using the social construction of crime problems position, analyzes how various news media outlets gather and contextualize crime reports, in an attempt to shape public perceptions of those events.

Learning Objective: 2-2: An understanding of the ways in which the demands and constraints of news production intertwine with the perceived interests of the target audience to produce a set of organizational “news values.”


Article 2

Citation: Surette, R. (2015). Thought bite: A case study of the social construction of a crime and justice concept. Crime, Media, and Culture, 11(2), 105–135.

Description: This article analyzes ways in which the media construct new crime(s) and justice concepts.

Learning Objective: 2-6: An examination of how new technologies are changing the ways in which news is produced and consumed.