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Article 1

Citation: Hier, S. P., Lett, D., Walby, K., & Smith, A. (2011). Beyond folk devil resistance: Linking moral panic and moral regulation. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 11(3), 259–276.

Description: This article explores the relationship between studies involving the analysis of moral panic to criminological analysis of moral regulation.

Learning Objective: 3-2: An analysis of the pros and cons of the moral panic model as a conceptual tool for understanding public responses to mediated crime and deviance.


Article 2

Citation: Cyr, J. L. (2003). The folk devil reacts: Gangs and moral panics. Criminal Justice Review, 28(1), 26–46.

Description: This article analyzes the effects of moral panics on specific groups (or individuals) for which they are directed.

Learning Objective: 3-4: A discussion of “deviancy amplification” and the extent to which attempts by authorities to control deviant behavior actually lead to its increase.