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Article 1

Citation: Rafter, N. (2007). Crime, film, and criminology: Recent sex-crime movies. Theoretical Criminology, 11(3), 403–420.

Description: This article explores the crime film and its relationship to criminology.

Learning Objective: 7-1: A consideration of the enduring appeal of crime movies.


Article 2

Citation: Wilson, D., & O’Sullivan, S. (2005). Re-theorizing the penal reform functions of the prison film: Revelation, humanization, empathy, and benchmarking. Theoretical Criminology, 9(4), 471–491.

Description: This article explores the duality of real and perceived images of police, as experienced by adolescents.

Learning Objective: 7-4: A discussion of the prison in cinema, its role as allegory, and its relationship to penal reform.