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Article 1

Citation: Liang, B., & Lu, H. (2010). Internet development, censorship, and cyber crime in China. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 26(1), 103–120.

Description: This article explores how the Internet and its use transformed China into a global economic power.

Learning Objective: 9-2: Discussion of the “digital divide” and an analysis of the ways in which the Internet and World Wide Web are shaping the development of China as it moves from totalitarianism to “market authoritarianism” and partial democracy.


Article 2

Citation: Copes, H., & Vieraitis, L. M. (2009). Understanding identity theft: Offenders’ accounts of their lives and crimes. Criminal Justice Review, 34(3), 329–349.

Description: This article explores the white collar crime of identity theft.

Learning Objective: 9-3: A discussion of some of the “ordinary” cybercrimes that most frequently appear in the news.