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Article 1

Citation: Crowl, J. N., & Battin, J. R. (1973). Fear of crime and the police: Exploring lifestyle and individual determinants among university students. The Police Journal, 1–20.

Description: This article explores the relationship between fear of crime and police presence.

Learning Objective: 6-2: Consideration of the relationship between the media and public fears about crime, and the rationality or irrationality of such fears.

Questions that apply to this article:

  1. Discuss how the importance of fear of crime as a concept.
  2. Explain the influence of individual lifestyle (choices) on fear of crime.
  3. Explain approaches used by police to adequately address the fear of crime issue.


Article 2

Citation: Rarick, D. L., Townsend, J. E., & Boyd, D. A. (1973). Adolescent perceptions of police: Actual and as depicted in TV drama. Journalism Quarterly, 50(3), 438–446.

Description: This article explores the duality of real and perceived images of police, as experienced by adolescents.

Learning Objective: 6-1: A discussion of the changing mediated (or “mediatized”) relationship between police and the public.