SAGE Journal Articles

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Article 1

Citation: Embry, R., & Lyons, P. M. (2012). Sex-based sentencing: Sentencing discrepancies between male and female sex offenders. Feminist Criminology, 7(2), 146–162.

Description: This article explores sentencing discrepancies between male and female sex offenders.

Learning Objective: 5-2: A consideration of whether women are treated more harshly or more leniently by the criminal justice system.


Article 2

Citation: Carlyle, K. E., Scarduzio, J. A., & Slater, M. D. (2014). Media portrayals of female perpetrators of intimate partner violence. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 29(13), 2394–2417.

Description: This article analyzes the influence of media portrayals of crime issues on public policy regarding intimate partner violence.

Learning Objective: 5-5: A consideration of women’s “otherness” and why women who commit very serious crimes are much more newsworthy than men who similarly offend.