Suggested Further Reading

General introductions

  • J. Goodey (2005) Victims and Victimology: Research, Policy and Practice (Longman)
  • B. Spalek (2006) Crime Victims: Theory, Policy and Practice (Palgrave)

Various studies commissioned by the Home Office cited in this chapter provide important sources of knowledge on the prevalence and nature of men’s victimization, especially of interpersonal violence.

However, there are some excellent studies looking at the fear of crime and male rape respectively, including:

  • J. Goodey (1997) ‘Boys don’t cry: Masculinity, fear of crime and fearlessness’ (British Journal of Criminology, 37: 401–18)
  • R. Graham (2006) ‘Male rape and the careful construction of the male victim’ (Social and Legal Studies, 15: 187–208).

Also use the index to find the relevant pages in

  • S. Walklate (2004) Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice, 2nd edn (Willan)
  • T. Newburn and E. Stanko (eds) (1994) Just Boys Doing Business: Men, Masculinities and Crime (Routledge).

For a focus on the inter-relatedness of victimization in relation to men and masculinity, see

  • S. Winlow and S. Hall (2006) Violent Night (Berg)

Overall, there are a limited number of readings dedicated to the victimization of men and it will be necessary to search carefully through the indexes of various victimological texts looking under men and masculinity.