Suggested Further Reading

There are a number of important official studies/inquiries listed in the chapter – these all provide up-to-date and important sources of knowledge on the prevalence and nature of women’s victimization. Of particular note is

  • E. Angiolini (2015) Report of the Independent Review into the Investigation and Prosecution of Rape in London (Metropolitan Police).
  • N. Westmarland (2015) Violence Against Women: Criminological Perspectives on Men’s Violences (Routledge)
  • L. Bates (2014) Everyday Sexism (Simon & Schuster)
  • K. Hohl and E. Stanko (2015) ‘Complaints of rape and the criminal justice system: Fresh evidence on the attrition problem in England and Wales’ (European Journal of Criminology, 12(3): 324–41)

In relation to emerging concerns about HBV, FGM and FM, read the broad range of works by Aisha Gill.

For a global insight, see

  • M. Cain and A. Howe (eds) (2008) Women, Crime and Social Harm: Towards a Criminology for the Global Age (Hart Publishing);
  • S. Pickering (2010) Women, Borders and Violence: Current Issues in Asylum, Forced Migration, and Trafficking (Springer);
  • M.T. Segrave, S.J. Pickering and S. Milivojevic (2009) Sex Trafficking: International Context and Response (Willan).

In relation to human rights, we recommend

  • Copelon (1994) and Roth’s (1994) contribution in this text be read
  • E. Stark (2007) Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women in Personal Life (Oxford University Press) and E. Stark (2009) ‘Rethinking coercive control violence against women’ (Violence Against Women, 15(12):1509–25).