Study Questions

Consider the following questions to check your understanding.

  1. How and in what ways is Heidensohn’s (1968) paper ‘The deviance of women: A critique and enquiry’ significant to the development of feminist criminology?
  2. Outline the contributions made by early pioneering feminist scholars in criminology.
  3. Why did early feminist scholars set about a project of feminist empiricism and what were the limitations of such a venture?
  4. In what ways did theorizations of women’s offending lag behind that of men?
  5. Feminist criminology has been subject to much critique – outline the key arguments.
  6. Discuss the idea that feminist criminology(ists) remain on the margins of the inquiry within the academe.
  7. Outline the development and growing importance of human rights in the UK.
  8. How might a human rights approach be useful to the study of crime, victimization and social control?