Suggested Further Reading

A useful starting point to gain a general understanding of the concept of globalization is the work of Anthony Giddens (1990) The Consequences of Modernity (Polity Press), although he has not published much material on the topic in recent years. However, below is a link to a lecture he gave on globalization. As you listen to this, think about the relevance of what he says to the core concerns of this chapter and the book as a whole:

For an up-to-date account of the globalization thesis we recommend you look at

  • J. Nederveen Pieterse (2015) Globalization and Culture: Global Melange, 3rd edn (Rowman & Littlefield).

Comparative approaches to crime are attracting more interest from criminologists essential reading is the below, which also touches on the issue of globalization

  • F. Pakes (2010) Comparative Criminal Justice, 2nd edn (Willan)

It is also necessary to be familiar with the globalization and crime literature to make sense of a complex area. We recommend two books:

  • K.F. Aas (2013) Globalization and Crime, 2nd edn (Sage)
  • M. Findlay (1999) The Globalization of Crime (Cambridge University Press).

In these books there is some coverage of gender-related issues, but for a book that covers all of the issues that we are interested in – crime, gender and human rights – see

  • R. Barberet (2014) Women, Crime and Criminal Justice: A Global Inquiry (Routledge).