About the Book

Previous edition winner of the British Book Design and Production Award for "Best Use of Cross Media 2014", this easy to use tool allows students to switch from web resources to the print text and back again, opening windows to the world of marketing through cases that are vibrant and engaged, digital links that allow students to explore topics in more detail and other media to encourage relating theory to practice.

Recognizing the importance of ongoing technological and social developments and the increasing connectedness of consumers that has profound implications for the way marketing operates and students learn, the 4th edition demystifies key technologies and terminology, demonstrating where and how emerging digital marketing techniques and tools fit in to contemporary marketing planning and practice.  

The new edition welcomes a new 3rd author and has been fully updated to include:

  • 31 New case studies (including 5 new end of chapter and 26 new ‘focus boxes’), featuring a greater number of case studies from digital/social media marketing, Uber and the gig economy, Google and crowdsourcing and Amazon’s drone delivery service.
  • Even more content on digital marketing integrated throughout, including key issues such as social media, mobile marketing, co-creation, cutting edge theory.
  • A fully updated and streamlined interactive eBook led by student feedback.

Focus boxes throughout the text such as Global, Consumer, B2B, Ethical all with a greater emphasis on digital communication, reinforce key marketing trends and relate theory to practice. Each chapter also ends with a case study revolving around topics, issues and companies that students can relate to such as Taylor Swift taking on Spotify.

The new edition comes packed with features that can be used by lecturers for in class or VLE upload and students in their own self-directed study, to encourage engagement with the subject matter and relate theory to practice.