Degree to Job Podcasts

Charity Sector Marketing: Being a Marketing Communications Officer for Groundwork



The following questions are answered in this podcast

00:20 – 01:05 “Could you tell us a little big about yourself and your job?”

01:05 – 02:24 “Could you tell us a little bit about what your day-to-day activities look like?”

02:25 – 03:34 “Could you tell us about the importance of sustainability to Groundwork, and how this impacts your marketing activities?”

03:35 – 04:26 “How did you get to be where you are now? How has your career developed?”

04:26 – 05:35 “Did you always plan to be in marketing?”

05:36 – 06:56 “How did you go about applying for internships and placements? Where did you look? What worked and what didn’t?”

06:57 – 08:10 “Can you think of any particular qualities a candidate is looking for when recruiting?”

08:12 – 09:39 “More generally, what do you see as the future challenges for marketing?”