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Problem Solving Creatively for Big Brands: Being an Innovation Director for Hyper Naked



The following questions are answered in this podcast

00:17 – 01:51 “Could you tell us a little about what Hyper Naked does, and what your role as Innovation Director means?”

01:52 – 03:04 “Could you give us any examples of the larger brands you work for, such as Cadbury’s? What is it like working for a large brand, and what services do you provide for them?”

03:04 – 04:45 “Could you tell listeners how you came into the role you have now? Did you study marketing at university? How did you kickstart your career?”

04:35 – 06:11 “What sort of creative work do you do for your clients, say on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis? Could you give us some examples of work you do for these larger brands?

06:11 – 07:00 “Do you have any particular advice to marketing graduates? Is there anything you wish you were told at school that could help graduates on their way?”

07:00 – 07:46 “Do you take in interns or work placements?”

07:47 – 09:22 “Within your industry or more generally, what do you see as challenges for marketing in the future?”