Degree to Job Podcasts

Managing Clients and Understanding Consumer Behaviour: Being a Senior Account Manager at The Station Agency



The following questions are answered in this podcast

00:20 – 01:12 “Could you tell us about yourself, your marketing degree and the year you graduated?”

01:15 – 04:25 “Could you explain what it means to be a Senior Account Executive, and what The Station Agency does?”

04:25 – 05:14 “During your time in shopper marketing, has online shopping and e-commerce affected what you’re doing?”

05:14 – 07:09 “How important do you think it is to be passionate about your job and what you do?”

07:09 – 08:35 “Are there anyways in which your marketing studies impact the way you work, for example marketing theory?”

08:35 – 12:35 “You mentioned that you have already worked for a few agencies. Could you tell us about how you went about applying for jobs and about your interviews?”

12:36 – 14:28 “You’ve recently been promoted from Account Manager to Senior Account Manager, do you have any plans for the future?”

14:28 – 16:28 “Do you have any advice for new graduates, or those job hunting?”