Journal Articles

Widen your research with these suggested journal articles. Links to SAGE articles have been provided freely.

1. Bastos, Wilson and Sidney J. Levy (2012), “A History of the Concept of Branding: Practice and Theory,” Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 4(3), 347–368.

This article follows the development of branding – how it has come about, its origins, who is influenced by branding and the meaning of branding.

2. Conejo, Francisco and Ben Wooliscroft (2015), “Brands Defined as Semiotic Marketing Systems,” Journal of Macromarketing, 35(3), 287–301.

Challenging the American Marketing Association’s traditional conceptualization of brands, this article discusses how marketing systems can be core to macromarketing. The authors also consider how marketing systems need to contemplate their meaning infrastructures and discuss the benefits and weaknesses of this new approach to brands.

3. Merz, Michael A., Yi He, and Stephen L. Vargo (2009), “The Evolving Brand Logic: A Service Dominant Perspective,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 37(3), 328–344.

Merz, He and Vargo consider branding through the lens of service-dominant (S-D) logic. They discuss how as branding becomes more and more collaborative and co-creative, marketing managers must look to forge strong relationships with stakeholders.