Journal Articles

Widen your research with these suggested journal articles. Links to SAGE articles have been provided freely.

1. Brodie, Roderick J. (2009), “From Goods to Service Branding: An Integrative Perspective,” Journal of Service Research, 9(1), 107–111.

In this article, Brodie discusses the approach to marketing that puts the emphasis on providing services and customer experience. He also discusses how the brand must function simultaneously as an entity and a process because of this.

2. Hatch, Mary Jo and Majken Schultz (2001), “Are the Strategic Stars Aligned for Your Corporate Brand?” Harvard Business Review, 79 (Feb.), 128–134.

Using the example of Proctor and Gamble’s sponsorship with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, this article explores how brands are now shifting from the practice of giving each product its own identity to creating a universal brand image for all its offerings. The author also suggests all the considerations that are part of the practice of building a corporate brand.