Journal Articles

Widen your research with these suggested journal articles. Links to SAGE articles have been provided freely.

1. Holt, Douglas B. (2012), “Constructing Sustainable Consumption: From Ethical Values to Cultural Transformation of Unsustainable Markets,” The Annals of the American Academy, 644(Nov.), 236–255

In this article, Holt takes the example of America’s bottled water market to critique the ethical values in marketing. He also suggests the market constructionist paradigm to move past ideological lock-ins such as the one set up by the bottled water market and make moves towards “market-focused social movements”.

2. Mittelstaedt, John D., Clifford J. Schultz II, William E. Kilbourne, and Mark Peterson (2014), “Sustainability as Megatrend: Two Schools of Macromarketing Thought,” Journal of Macromarketing, 34(3), 253–264

What is a megatrend and how does sustainability fit into the picture? This article helps answer these questions and also discusses how macromarketing can help establish the success of sustainability as a megatrend.

3. Thompson, Craig J. (1995), “A Contextualist Proposal for the Conceptualization and Study of Marketing Ethics,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 14(2), 177–191.

In the growing field of marketing ethics, it is important to create robust models of the theory. Using the Kohlberg-Gilligan debate on moral reasoning, the author presents his own analysis on the different models and suggests his own contexualist model of marketing ethics.