Journal Articles

Widen your research with these suggested journal articles. Links to SAGE articles have been provided freely.

1. Aaker, Jennifer, Susan Fournier, and S. Adam Brasel (2004), “When Good Brands do Bad,” Journal of Consumer Research, 31(June), 1–16.

How do consumer-brand relationships change over time? This article explores how brands that build a “sincere” image create lasting relationships while “exciting” or novel brands are often “short-lived flings”. The authors consider how even these relationships can change based on brand behavior and how their dynamic nature means that a consumer’s relationship with a brand is constantly evolving and shifting.

2. Fournier, Susan and Jill Avery (2011), “The Uninvited Brand,” Business Horizons, 54(3), 193–207.

As social media and digital platform popularity grew, advertisers and marketers rushed into the fray, eager to take advantage of the audience. However, research has shown that advertising on social media is often not received well and does not result in a high yield as expected. This article discusses how brands are now turning to open source techniques to tackle this problem and the steps they must take to ensure survival and success.

3. Johar, Gita V., Matthias M. Birk, and Sabine A. Einwiller (2010), “How to save your brand in the face of crisis,” MIT Sloan Management Review, 51(4), 57–64.

What do brands do when something inevitably goes wrong? In the age of media, when mistakes can instantly go viral, the authors discuss some strategies companies can adopt to “talk their way out of a mess” without destroying their reputation.