Marketing Ethics & Society

Welcome to the companion website for the first edition of Marketing Ethics & Society by Lynne Eagle and Stephan Dahl. The companion website gives you access to a wealth of teaching and learning resources for lecturers and students, including:

For lecturers

  • PowerPoint slides for use in teaching
  • A comprehensive Tutor’s Manual that includes chapter summaries, think points with checklist solutions, material to support each end-of-chapter case study and discussion questions


For students

  • Multiple Choice Quizzes to test your understanding
  • SAGE journal articles to help you read more widely and support literature reviews
  • A link to Stephan Dahl’s blog, to stay abreast of the latest news and current trends in marketing ethics
  • Access to SAGE Marketing Pins, a dedicated Pinterest page linking you to a variety of marketing resources


About the book:

Marketing, while essential to organisational success, is arguably one of the most controversial aspects of business management. Criticisms of marketing’s impact range from fostering materialism and unsustainable consumption patterns through to the use of deception, stifling of innovation and lowering of  quality, to name but a few. Taking a holistic and international perspective, this book critically examines the ethical challenges marketing faces and explores strategies marketers can use to respond to those challenges.

The book examines specific aspects of marketing activities, such as ethical considerations in relation to young consumers, potentially harmful products and criticism of the societal impact of medical, arts and tourism marketing activities.  It then combines these with wider discussions of frameworks that enable marketers to respond to ethical challenges, supplemented by discussions of cross-cultural and international perspectives, consumer responses and ethical consumption movements as well as shifting historical perceptions of marketing ethics. 


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