Further Reading

Deepen your knowledge with carefully selected resources.

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Description: Easy to read textbook covering all aspects of social media marketing

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Description: Seminal article concerning social media; background and frameworks

11.3: Dahl, S. (2018) Social Media Marketing, Theories and Applications. 2nd edn. London: SAGE.

Description: Possibly my favourite book on social media marketing; lots of detail, theories and frameworks

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Description: Useful article that looks at how organizations use social media

11.5: Duane, A. and O’Reilly, P. (2016) ‘A stage model of social media adoption’, Journal of Advances in Management Sciences & Information Systems, 2, pp. 77–93.

Description: Classifies organizations based on their stage of social media adoption and the resources allocated to the different elements

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Description: Categorizes different types of social media tools