Access links selected by the author to broaden your understanding of the topics covered in each chapter

Web Link 8.1: Digital Tool fakespot

Description: Fake reviews online are a growing issue for consumers, visit this website and type in a recent purchase and you’ll see how many fake reviews appear!

Web Link 8.2: Digital tool Google alerts

Description: At a basic level, Google provides notification of when your organization’s name is added to a webpage or mentioned in an online article. These are called Google Alerts and are free of charge. Visit https://www.google.com/alerts and add in the phrases you want to follow, add your email and you’ll be updated when new mentions occur.

Web Link 8.3: Digital tool Net Promoter Score®

Description: The Net Promoter Score® asks the customer only one question: ‘how likely are you to recommend (name of company)?’ and answers are scored from 1 to 10. The number of detractors (those scoring 0 to 6) is subtracted from the promoters (those scoring 9 to 10) which provides a number of out of 100 which is the Net Promoter Score®. You can visit the website but to use on a commercial website costs a fee