Further Reading

Deepen your knowledge with carefully selected resources.

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Description: Useful background on multi-touch attribution modelling with links to other articles

13.2: Rappaport, S.D. (2014) Digital Metrics Field Guide: The Definitive Reference for Brands Using the Web, Social Media, Mobile Media, or Email. Amsterdam: Advertising Research Foundation.

Description: Useful book containing every possible digital metric you could think of

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Description: Easy to understand background to different tools and their functionality

13.4: Cluley, R. (2018) ‘The construction of marketing measures: The case of viewability’, Marketing Theory, p. 147059311775398. doi: 10.1177/1470593117753981.

Description: Theoretical background to metrics in marketing with some critical insights including issues with ad fraud

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Description: Useful background to marketing analytics with Descriptions of types of data that provides the context for Big Data

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Description: A methodological approach to interpreting social media analytics with examples of different methods of data capture, useful to show students how data can be obtained and reviewed