Click Instructions

The incorporation of Windows and Mac instructions in a single book means that Windows and Mac users can either work in the same classroom/workshop or independently. The unique presentation of the click by click instructions in different font colours in the book makes this possible.

The commitment to develop a book that specifically assists both Windows and Mac users came to fruition in large part thanks to Kristi and Pat’s colleague and friend, Clare Tagg. The Mac instructions in the book and the logical order of the material were influenced by her keen eye for detail and her balanced view of user experience. Clare’s contact information is provided on the Weblinks page of this website if you would like to reach her.

On this part of the website you can access the click-by-click instructions for free. To find the instructions you’re looking for, select Windows or Mac from the sidebar, then navigate to the chapter you need. Clicking on the instruction headings will reveal the click-by-click instructions.

NVivo and its tools are occasionally updated. To keep pace with these software updates, the click-by-click instructions you can find here on the website will be updated as necessary. This means you will have the most up to date guidance about how to successfully use NVivo.

To track when the instructions on the website were last updated, please take a look at the downloadable spreadsheet called the index of click by click instructions. The index can be sorted by a variety of fields, including topic (such as ‘Auto coding’ and ‘See Also Links’), so it also forms a handy reference guide if you want to learn how to do something in particular with the software.

Index of click by click instructions