Meet the Experts

Based on their extensive practical experience of doing analysis with and using and teaching NVivo, Kristi and Pat’s book helps you to more elegantly engage in qualitative methods and offers students a toolkit for successfully completing a research project with NVivo.

Kristi Jackson

The President of Queri, Inc, Kristi focuses on the use of NVivo in a diverse array of health, education, public policy and corporate/commercial research via her role as consultant, coach, analyst, and principal investigator. With over 25 years of experience in qualitative research design, data collection, analysis, reporting, and stakeholder relations, she is an expert in a diverse array of qualitative methodologies.

Pat Bazeley

Pat is the Director of Research Support P/L and Adjunct Professor in the Translational Research and Social Innovation group at Western Sydney University. She has been using, teaching, and writing about NVivo for qualitative and mixed methods research since the early 1990s in her multiple roles as researcher, academic, and consultant.