T/R Journal Article Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions that accompany the readings in the text/reader, for further exploration and understanding of concepts.

  1. How has the definition of rape evolved over time?
  2. Why do many victims of rape and sexual assault choose not to report their crimes to the police?
  3. What impact do rape myths play in victim blaming and the denial of offender culpability?
  4. Why do many victims of rape and sexual assault fail to identify themselves as victims of a crime?
  5. Why are acquaintance rape cases not viewed as “real” rape?
  6. What tactics do perpetrators use to coerce sex from their victims?
  7. In what ways can prevention efforts be used to educate women and men about the realities of rape and sexual assault?
  8. What are the short- and long-term effects of sexual assault? How might early sexual assault yield a pathway to later victimization or offending?