T/R Journal Article Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions that accompany the readings in the text/reader, for further exploration and understanding of concepts.

  1. How do early theories of victimization distinguish between different types of victims? How might the criminal justice system use these typologies in making decisions about which cases to pursue?
  2. What type of help-seeking behaviors do female crime victims engage in? How are these practices related to the reporting of crimes to law enforcement?
  3. What effects does the practice of victim blaming have for future potential crime victims and the criminal justice system?
  4. In what ways do media outlets support or dispel rape myths and victim blaming? How is this related to help-seeking behavior, official reporting, and revictimization?
  5. How is fear of crime a gendered experience? What factors contribute to the differences in male versus female fear of crime? Do official crime statistics support or dispel the basis for these fear differences?
  6. How might feminist criminologists critique modern-day victimization theories, such as routine activities theory and lifestyle theory?
  7. How have historical theories on female offending failed to understand the nature of female offending?
  8. What contributions has feminist criminology made in understanding the relationship between gender and offending?