T/R Journal Article Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions that accompany the readings in the text/reader, for further exploration and understanding of concepts.

  1. Why is the media obsessed with the image of the female offender? What implications does this have on understanding the realities of female offending?
  2. What does research say about the gender gap in offending?
  3. How have drug addiction and the war on drugs become a gendered experience?
  4. How are drugs, property crimes, and prostitution connected for many female offenders on the streets?
  5. What are the risk factors for prostitution? How do these issues affect a woman’s ability to exit the streets?
  6. Why are jurisdictions reluctant to legalize or decriminalize prostitution?
  7. Why do women engage in property offenses?
  8. What role does mental illness play in cases of women who kill their children?
  9. How do girls use their gender within the gang context?
  10. Discuss the types of violent crimes in which women most typically engage.