T/R Journal Article Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions that accompany the readings in the text/reader, for further exploration and understanding of concepts.

  1. How have mandatory arrest and no-drop policies improved the lives of women involved in cases of intimate partner abuse? How have these policies negatively affected victims?
  2. What unique issues do immigrant victims of intimate partner abuse face?
  3. Describe the different forms of violence that can occur within an intimate partner abusive relationship.
  4. Explain how the cycle of violence attempts to explain incidents of intimate partner battering.
  5. What barriers exist for women in their attempts to leave a battering relationship?
  6. How has the use of technology changed the way in which victims experience stalking? What challenges do these changes present for law enforcement and the criminal justice system in pursuing cases of cyberstalking?
  7. How do victims cope with the experience of being stalked?