Contributor biography

Louise Corti is an Associate Director at the UK Data Archive based at the University of Essex in Colchester, UK and currently leads the UK Data Service functional areas of Collections Development and Producer Relations. She works closely with data producers from all sectors to ensure that high quality data are created, acquired and shared for research and teaching. Louise’s research activities are focused around methods for sharing and reusing social research data and she has directed a number of research awards relating to data support, management and sharing. She was instrumental in helping operationalise the ESRC’s Research Data Policy from 1995 and extending this to fully accommodate qualitative data. Louise publishes and edits regularly in books and journals on many aspects of data management, data sharing and reuse of social science data.

Jo Wathan is a Research Fellow in the Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research, University of Manchester. She has worked on a number of projects relating to data use, data enhancement and teaching with data particularly in relation to major UK surveys and census microdata since completing her PhD based on the Labour Force Survey. Since 2012 she has spent most of her time in two user focused roles within the UK Data Service; as lead for microdata in the census team and as training coordinator. However, she also undertakes some teaching. She spends her spare time working with and enhancing historical census microdata.